“Innovative gameplay and plenty of heart”
– Free Game Planet

“You can’t see me now, but I’m giving [Plangman] a standing ovation”
– PC Gamer

“Lovingly designed”
– c’t

“Plangman is billed as a game that ‘blends hangman and platforming’ but that doesn’t do its weirdness justice.”
– Game Informer

“That was a blast!”
– Reddit commenter

“I am a huge, huge fan of Plangman’s delivery. Everything from how the story’s told, to the gameplay, to the music, it all has this air of just wanting to tell a tale for someone to enjoy. And it does a great job.”
– Indie Bytes

What is it?

Plangman blends hangman, platforming, and physics into a mind-bending space adventure about courage and true love.

From the box: “Enter a world of starships and wizards, chivalry and hoverboards. Trapped in a dungeon, you discover your memories hidden in the floor and walls around you. Can you remember your past in time to save the future and rescue the girl you love?

Now available for PC and Mac.

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