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“Innovative gameplay and plenty of heart”
– Free Game Planet

“Plangman is the platforming version of hangman, and you can’t see me now but I’m giving that portmanteau a standing ovation.”
– PC Gamer

“Lovingly designed”
– c’t

“Plangman is billed as a game that ‘blends hangman and platforming’ but that doesn’t do its weirdness justice.”
– Game Informer

“This is really good! The story was captivating, the gameplay was unique, the difficulty was just right, everything was amazing. Thank you for making this and putting it out for people to play it, I loved it.”
– Reddit commenter

“I am a huge, huge fan of Plangman’s delivery. Everything from how the story’s told, to the gameplay, to the music, it all has this air of just wanting to tell a tale for someone to enjoy. And it does a great job.”
– Indie Bytes

What is it?

Plangman blends hangman, platforming, and physics into an interstellar fairy tale about a space pilot, the girl he loves, and the wizard who comes between them.

Now available to play in your favorite web browser.

A Deluxe Edition is also available for PC, Mac, and Linux. It features more levels, a new double-jump mechanic, a two-player mode, and other extras.

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